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Rush Personal Training Geelong FAQs

Do you do personal training Geelong?
Absolutely! As the name suggests, Rush Personal Training's core business is personal training. When you book a session with a personal trainer at Rush we give you a complete health and fitness evaluation and discuss your goals for fitness, preferred exercises and time constraints. We then customise our personal training programs to help you reach your goals safely, quickly and effectively. Looking for a personal trainer Geelong? Give us a call at Rush on 0408 496 348.

Do you run group fitness training Geelong?
Yes we do. Our group fitness training groups are one of our most popular services. We have a range of group fitness training classes to suit any age, fitness level or fitness goals. Come with a group of friends or on your own and get fit in a fun and social environment.

What is kettlebell training?
We love our kettlebells down at Rush Personal Training Geelong. Also known as kettleball training, these classes use kettlebells to build core strength and endurance. Highly regarded by fitness experts, kettlebell training is the ultimate way to improve all-round fitness and physical development. If you want to see fast results, try Rush's kettlebell training Geelong.